Monday, January 6, 2014

Recent Pickups: Jose Peraza, Luis Merejo FY Autos

Why these 2 together you ask? Well, because I have a dual auto card of them and thought it'd be silly to make separate posts with the same card.

Here's what's up there:

2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #JP Jose Peraza
2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Blue Wave Refractors #LME Luis Merejo #/50
2013 Topps Pro Debut Autographs #JP Jose Peraza
2013 Topps Pro Debut Autographs #LM Luis Merejo
2013 Topps Pro Debut Side By Side Dual Autographs Gold #PM Jose Peraza/Luis Merejo #/50
2013 Bowman Black Collection Autographs #JPP Jose Peraza BC #/25

They're both international signings, Jose Peraza from Venezuela and Luis Merejo from the Dominican.

John Sickels has this to say about Peraza:
Grade B-: Borderline B. Stole 64 bases in Low-A and has a slick glove at shortstop, but lack of power is problematic and I want to see how he handles High-A and Double-A pitching. Like Bethancourt, he will reach the majors on the strength of his defense and will probably have a long career, but will he be a strong regular or just a useful reserve?
The Braves see him as a potential leadoff hitter with great speed, playing well above average defense up the middle. I am a very big fan of Andrelton Simmons and hope he's a Brave for a long time, so I'm going to hope to see Peraza at 2B. You can read more about Peraza here and here if you're interested.

Merejo had injury problems at the end of July that shut him down for the rest of the year but before that was striking people out at a rate of 9.9 K/9 in Danville. Hopefully he comes back strong next year and the Braves have another hard throwing lefty. Some more about him here.

There's 1 or 2 more posts of prospects, then I'll get to the stuff I got of the big boys.

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