Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recent Pickups: Jason Hursh FY Autos, Patch, Printing Plate

Picked these up off eBay lately:

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Prismatic Blue #JH1 Jason Hursh #05/25
2013 Leaf Trinity Inscriptions Printing Plates Yellow #DTIJH2 Jason Hursh #1/1
2013 Leaf Trinity Inscriptions Silver #DTIJH2 Jason Hursh #06/10
2013 Leaf Trinity Jumbo Patches Red #DTPJH2 Jason Hursh 

Also grabbed 6 of the Leaf Metal Draft base autographs.

Jason Hursh is the 1st round pick (31st overall) for the Braves in 2013 out of Oklahoma State. Here's the story about his draft and a bit more about him.

Here's what John Sickels has to say about him:
Grade B-: I liked what I saw of first round pick Hursh at Oklahoma State, but he needs to refine his secondary pitches to go with the hard sinker. Need for better secondaries seems a common theme with Braves pitching prospects, but the organization has a good track record with young pitching.
I really like the look of the Leaf Trinity cards. The design and color of them almost make you forget they aren't licensed. The Metal is also appealing to me as well, but the blankness on the dark blue hat keeps reminding me of the atrocities Topps is putting us through.

I have seen other inscription cards of him that read "Oklahoma State Cowboys" or just "Go Braves!" and am excited to have the version I have.

It was a busy December of cards for me. I'll put up more of what I picked up later.

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