Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Recent Pickups: Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman, Chris Johnson, Mike Minor, Rookie Autos, Refractor

Well here rounds out my pickups from December with the Atlanta Braves stuff I grabbed:

2010 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #174 Jason Heyward
2010 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Refractors #174 Jason Heyward #/499
2010 Bowman Sterling Rookie Autographs #20 Jason Heyward
2011 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs #205 Freddie Freeman
2011 Topps Tier One On The Rise Autographs #CJ Chris Johnson #/699
2011 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #217 Mike Minor
2012 Topps Golden Moments Autographs #MMI Mike Minor S2

These are the first autographs of these two guys I've had, but they're the ones I have now. Picked them up for about $10 each off eBay and a trader off Beckett.

Unfortunately, after the 2009 Bowman Chromes, Freddie Freeman got really lazy with his autographs and has got even lazier lately by basically drawing two 7's with a line through them.

Thankfully, Jason Heyward started signing a full signature starting again in 2012. Pretty much all his 2010 and 2011 autographs look like these or lazier though.

Mike Minor has always been pretty consistent with his signature since his USA and DEEE stuff.

I find it pretty funny that the Chris Johnson is only two years old and he is wearing a uniform from two teams ago.

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